Co-Diagnostics Inc Featured in Article on BioWorld

Salt Lake City, Utah – January 29, 2020 – Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CODX), was recently featured in an article on BioWorld titled “Co-Diagnostics completes critical step in developing coronavirus diagnostic.”

The article discussed completion of principle design work for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) screening test for the novel coronavirus that to date has sickened over 6,000 with an acute respiratory illness and killed more than 130 people.

A PDF download of the article may be found here.

About Co-Diagnostics, Inc.:

Co-Diagnostics, Inc., a Utah corporation, is a molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets a new, state-of-the-art diagnostics technology. The Company’s technology is utilized for tests that are designed using the detection and/or analysis of nucleic acid molecules (DNA or RNA). The Company also uses its proprietary technology to design specific tests to locate genetic markers for use in industries other than infectious disease and license the use of those tests to specific customers.

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